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Hi, I'm Saeed.

I live in Bournemouth, on the sunny south coast of England, close to the sea and surrounded by beautiful rural landscapes.

Photography for me started as a child taking dark, grainy, blurred pictures with a disc camera, sent off in the post to await the results.

I didn't move into 'proper' photography until Art School and loved the magic of working in the dark room. From here I became a freelance product and graphic designer and photography continued as a hobby.

I moved into teaching and began my career at FE college in Art and Design and then moved to London to work for United Designers. My next job brought me to Bournemouth, teaching Illustration at Bournemouth Art School. And finally to the Media School at Bournemouth University, where I continue to teach Print Design and Photo Journalism. I have also done some studying of my own, recently completing a Masters in Creative Media Education.

I learnt to dive on the Great Barrier Reef off Carins, Australia whilst on a trip visiting family in Brisbane. The following year I returned, having bought my first underwater camera at Duty Free. Since then, I have upgraded to a Nauticam system with Canon DSLR and travel to some of the world’s most prestigious dive sites running Underwater Photography workshops for blue-o-two, diving tour operator.

I am a member of BSoUP (British Society of Underwater Photographers) and an Editorial Consultant for Diver Magazine. I organise the Photozone at their international Dive Shows in London and Birmingham and am a regular fixture on the speakers line up. I write features for magazines including Diver, Scuba, Amateur Photographer, Digital Photographer and for Aqaba Tourism.

For me, photography is about capturing the beauty of the natural world and of people. On land or underwater, I am never happier than with a camera in my hand.

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