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1 2011 7d2 abbey abbott abu galawa small abu nahas andrew anna aqaba asia asia2c aubrey banfield australia babbacombe bali bangkok batu angus bbq beach beaulieu becky beer berenice beach club black white blue blue horizon blue meldoy blue melody blue o two blue voyager bluebells boat bobbit worm boscombe bournemouth bournemouth outside british brown bsac bw candle candle light canon canon 7d2 carpe deim carpe diem charle cherish children church city cliff clouds coconut cold water coleman shrimp colmers hill compact corrina cover crab cuttle cuttlefish desert devon diver diving dof dorset dveon emma england europe family farm field fisherman fishing fl flabalena flamboyant cuttlefish flickr frogfish fury shoals g7x ghannis d glossodoris cincta goldstone graham guiles grand sea serpent green greg gubal island hairy frogfish hairy octopus hairy squat lobster hampshire hants happy harlequin shrimp hippocampus bargibanti holiday ian in focus in focus workshop inside italy jackfish alley james james jenny january jemma jeremy walker jordan joyful june kathryn kids kimmeridge koh lanta koh lipe lahore land landscape langkawi langtry manor larmer tree gardens last of the summer sun laura leanne lee filter lembeh lembeh resort lesser lightbox lisa local market lou young love lowe lundy lyme bay fisheries and conservation reserve lyme bay reserve malapascua malaysia maldives march marwell mating metasepia pfefferi mirror mist muck diving mv kudima my 2 favourite critters in one small plastic bottle. a ornate goby and a juvenile coconut octopus.. nai yang beach natalie penney national trust nd110 nembrotha kubaryana neopetrolisthes maculatus new forest nick north north wall northbrook park not the best image in the world and just posted to prove a point. its amazing how things happen when you talk about them. we had just be discussing unnatural animal behaviour in photos. octopus seahorses up in the water column and mantis shrimp with eggs looking out of their holes. then on the next dive we see this girl running around with a massive bundle of eggs nudi nudibranch ocean octopus old harry orange frogfish outdoor outside oz pairs pakistan party penang penny periclimenes colemani petra by night photo booth phuket pier pigmy cuttlefish pigmy seahorse pinewalk pink playtime plymouth poole poppy porcelain crab portland pots prewedding rachael rachel raeph rain rape feild ras mo ras muhammad red sea red sea north june 2017 rhinefield house richard rio robust ghost pipefish romsey rx100 saeed rahid saeed rashid saeed rashid photography saeed sand sand sea scallop scalloper scuba sea seahorse seascape selsey lifeboat pier shanny shark reef shaun she was happy just moving about the reef. i could have followed and got in a better position for an image but decided to let her be with her babies. simon sinbad dive centre solenostomus cyanopterus something we just decided never happens. no diver had hooked her out of a hole or disturbed her sony sophie south south east asia splash in splashin spring ss carnatic stourhead sulawesi summer sun sunrise sunset suunto swanage tasik ria tasmania thailand the barge thialand topside tozeuma shrimp travel tropical tulamben uk underwater upton urban export venice venice carnival wadi rum water water export wave web places wedding weekend westbay white background white mouth moray eel wild garlic will windy winter woodland wreck www.facebook.comfocusvisuals yellow
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